Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Free Download ABBYY Fine Reader Professional Edition 8,0 Full [Software]

(100% Working Link) Free Download ABBYY Fine Reader Professional Edition 8,0 Full [Software]

On this occasion I will provide information that is an OCR program that is very popular. OCR (Optical Character Recognation) can be interpreted by the scanner method of optical data reading and translating the data into binary data that can be read by a computer. The program called ABBYY FineRider, this software is used to convert your paper documents back into a format Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF. Means you do not need to worry and not bother to retype. Abbyy Fine Reader able to do with a few easy steps with the help of document scanners. Abbyy Fine Reader, more than 150 international awards as the best software for the Optical Character recognition (machine print).
ABBYY Fine Reader Professional Edition 8.0 is OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and PDF conversion applications professional with a good degree of accuracy, Fine Reader OCR allows to convert and edit a variety of paper documents and electronic files, including PDF files and scanned pages from books books, magazines, newspapers, legal documents, contracts, faxes, letters, brochures and much more!

Excess ABBYY Fine Reader 8.0 Professional Edition
- input from almost any image file formats (Jpeg, tiff, pdf, bitmap, PNG, etc.)
- Accuracy and Layout Retention rates high.
- XML Output and Integration with Microsoft Office Word 2003
- PDF Input / Output Support
- Easy to Use
- Saves Results in Multiple File Formats.

What's New in ABBYY FineReader Professional Edition 8.0:
- Enhanced OCR Accuracy
- Digital Camera OCR
- Faster, Smarter PDF Conversion
- Automation Manager
- fast mode.
- Creation back Hyperlink
- Improved Document Pre-Processing
- Defining Output Document Properties
- Changes to OCR Languages and Dictionaries
- ABBYY Screenshot Reader
- Many more that I can not explain

Direct Setup Free Download ABBYY Fine Reader Professional Edition 8,0 Full [Software]

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