Thursday, June 2, 2011

Download Sonic Adventure DX Free Game For PC

(100% Working Link) Download Sonic Adventure DX Free Game For PC

Sonic Adventure DX is the latest adventure game series from the previous Sonic Adventure continued mission is to collect the rings, monsters Robotnik change back into being a fun and explore the world of animation.
Classical works of the famous Sonic Adventure has returned quickly as Sonic Adventure DX, featuring new graphics and a mission that changed and equipped with all the new features that give the game modes that you never seen before. This game combines setiapa stage in the action with adventure elements, this game is the main Sonic titles, and provides users with experience in playing games and complete for all lovers of real Sonic game.
Content is quite large and impressive graphical display makes the game Sonic Adventure DX director's cut demo is very enjoyable, especially for connoisseurs of the 3D platform. The game features six characters, namely Sonic the hedgehog, Tails the fox, Knuckles the snout, Amy Rose, Big the cat, and a robot named E-102 - they will overcome the various challenges in six of the world. While each character has the same movement in general, but they have the uniqueness of each.
Knuckle mountain climbing conducted very impressive, like a homing laser-owned E-102 - may be somewhat similar to the ability of fishing on Big. The game is easy to learn and and lights will offer you hints when you need it. You can play in one full screen or window mode applications.
Like the first version of Sonic Adventure, this game can be played very easily, with accelerator, rockets, and bumper which often show your character through a level / level without the need for assistance.

Direct Setup Download Sonic Adventure DX Free Game For PC

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