Thursday, June 2, 2011

Skype Free Download

(100% Working Link) Skype Free Download

Skype provides a popular service and superior in terms of online chat. Features an amazing Skype has attracted many interests fans to chat, especially for those who like to chat international denganjangkauan. With the launch of this latest version of Skype, the company hopes to attract more users lebh stout. Skype latest version of the display interface presents a more efficient and provide the integration Facbook. In addition, this latest version also provides video conferencing features.
Skype presents the Home page that integrates feed messages mood (mood) of your contacts. Skype latest version also provides a variety of tutorials that will help you to use the various features available in Skype itself, ranging from how to make a video call to a way to make lists to subscribe.
The creator of the Skype company aims to simplify kesekuruhan display interface applications in making calls, sending messages, sharing the screen as well as transfer files - all designed with a view that is intuitive and easy to navigate. In addition, the screen to search contacts now present the image and mood messages and presents the results of real-time.

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